A Corpse Stole My Milkshake!

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Directed by : Wes Anderson

Thoughts : well, this film has been floating about tumblr for a while now so i thought i’d give it a watch and i must say, very very very impressive I’ve never seen a Wes Anderson film ( i know right? ) I’ve heard of him sure but never seen one but now i’ve seen this I can’t wait to see more. The cinematography in this film is simply stunning everyshot could be taken and turned into a canvas still, it’ll remind you alot of kurbrick. the plot is simple two kids fall in love and runaway thats it in a nut shell but you really get to explore every character involed in the story and form a connection with your favorite … you know if you’re into that kind of stuff… and i know you are cause this is tumblr. Abit serious yes but at the end of the day Bill Murray is in it.