A Corpse Stole My Milkshake!

Foreign films

Pepi Luci Bom (1980)

Directed by: Perdo Almodovar

Thoughts : well … umm… theres a woman pissing on another woman that happens. I didn’t much care for this film now don’t get me wrong i love Almodovar and i know this was his first film BUT come on i can only allow so much to pass. the story seems interesting but i found myself doing other stuff while watching it, it just couldn’t keep my attention but saying that it doesn’t take much for my mind to wonder like you know how it’s halloween soon? well why is there christmas stuff out? it’s annoying it’s like people just skip halloween for christmas it’s an awesome holiday and yes you may say it’s for kids but adults love it too sorta like adventure time MY GOD speaking of adventure time did you see the latest episode? ” i remember you” IT HURTS TO WATCH IT seriously it actually hurts when i watch it …. where am i?.